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Interrupted with Jen Hatmaker

Four weeks, ladies.

That’s the amount of time and space between you and me and hundreds of other women coming together at Rooted Chicago to seek depth, clarity, and lives lived with greater purpose.  Who’s ready?

In part two of my interview with Jen Hatmaker, she talks about her bookInterrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity.”  Interrupted is a story of how a nagging feeling and a simple prayer for God to “raise up a holy passion” messed everything up, in a good way.  The discovery that she and her family were checking all the right boxes yet still living off-mission was racially undoing, yet became remarkably freeing.  In the following clip she expands on what it looks like to show people the church rather than just inviting them to one.


“If the gospel is good news to all then it’s not just an idea to consider, a time slot on a Sunday,  or a task assigned to a select few–

It’s a life to live.  And it’s bigger than all of us.”

-Interrupted, page 136

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