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The phrase Fewer Deeper was scribbled in my journal before I fully understood what it meant.  What I craved was fewer of the things that held me back in exchange for greater depth with God and people.  I wanted to fight for freedom and simplicity in both the physical and spiritual sense.  The turning point happened 3 years ago when a friend recommended reading Jen Hatmaker’s book 7 that explores ideas on fighting excess.  Everything just clicked for me.

This quest for fewer is so not natural to me.  It is much easier for me to live reactively and I still make a lot of mistakes.  But I’m starting to see that evicting the extra clutter (in my home, in my calendar, in my heart & mind) frees up space for my roots to grow deeper into my understanding who God is.  That as my foundation, God’s love is enough- no additives needed.  I pray to live an intentional life of fewer that releases me, not deprives me. I desire the kind of deeper that centers me, not drowns me.

By definition this is a blog, but I hope more than anything it’s a space that encourages and challenges myself and others while honoring the God I love.

DSC_3510Anyway here’s a photo of my crew in our neighborhood wearing our fancy clothes…

and then here we are doing regular life where shirts are overrated.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.26.02 AM


The handsome guy on the right is one of the best, most consistent human beings I know.

It turns out sometimes the football player and the cheerleader stick together and seventeen years later they aren’t total jerks.  We’ve been together more years than we haven’t…it’s ridiculous, I know…

Only by the grace of God are we here on our green beach blanket.  Thanks to our previous life in active duty military, 11 years of marriage have been packed with 12 moves and long periods of separation.  Lots of challenges. Lots of adapting.  Lots of growing up.

But with any uncertainty we faced came a new certainty that God is really is our Everything.  Even in the “pending” moments He has provided a peace that was mightier than our strongest doubt or greatest fear.

These kids that we have the privilege to raise together- I love them like a crazy person.  They’re cute and say the funniest things.  They smash bananas in their carseats and draw permanent marker tattoos on their faces because life is messy and that’s fine.  Recently my friend called the inside of my purse “organic” which you know is nice-talk for “Wow you’re a slob.”  I love being a mom for the opportunity to live out and learn about the love of Jesus with my kids in very tangible ways.  I love them modeling for them what it means to pay attention and be engaged.  I love seeing the ways they’re coming to understand the Gospel.  I’ve seen the more confident I am in God, the less confident I need to be in myself and my ways and that is freedom at its finest.  For more thoughts on that check out my first post: What We Learn from the Trees.

I guess you could say my fourth kid is Rooted Chicago.  Rooted Chicago is a movement that exists to influence women across the city to actively engage in their surrounding communities with the gifts and talents God has uniquely given them.

Thanks for reading.