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The last 8 months have been full of great gifts, hard work and new revelations. I’ve been stretched and molded in new ways, professionally and personally. I prayed over, coordinated and pulled off the second annual Rooted Chicago conference with my team. I moved to a new neighborhood. I cheered on and supported my husband in his job in urban education and my kids as they reached new milestones. I bought bananas and Gatorade for an entire high school football team, multiple times. I helped with homework, cheered at hockey games, and packed billions (or maybe just millions) of lunches. Most recently I potty trained my youngest in three days, undoubtedly the great accomplishment of all.

There were valleys, too. I cried over the death of a friend. My heart broke as another loved one battled cancer. I stared numbly at the news and hung my head over articles about this city and this country and this world that left me feeling sick and sad.

But I wrote nothing about any of it…not here anyway.

Usually there was just no time, but occationally there were just no words.

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