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Rooted Chicago & Working the Plan, Watching the Plan

worship2To carry out a vision it’s good to have a plan.

Let me tell you about my relationship with plans.  Almost every Sunday night in our home, my husband and I go through the usual pre-bedtime shenanigans with kids, tuck them in as early as possible, and come downstairs to close out the weekend with an exciting Hamstra Family Calendar Sync.  Full disclosure, we even have a motto: “Make the plan, work the plan.”  I’m sorry to disappoint if you were under the impression that we are fun or cool in any way.

On the organizational spectrum I lean more “free spirit” than “calendar sync-er” so a couple years ago Sunday nights were challenging (read: boring) for me.

Me: “Are we done yet? Do we have to sit at the table? Can I at least go get a snack?”

Husband: “Are you sure you’re a grown up?”

I like spontaneity, going with the flow.  Initially, mapping out our week (and sometimes month, the horror) seemed tedious, but as our little life got more involved and schedules more complex, I’ll admit it was incredibly helpful.  “Making the plan working the plan” allowed us to head confidently into a new week knowing what was ahead and what had to get done.

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