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Loving our City: Will it be Fiction?

What does it mean to love our city?  

This weekend I traded the snow for palm trees with a team from Re:source Global to help run a conference called Together LA.  My friends think I’m at the beach, my kids think I’m with Lightning McQueen at the Championship Race.  Where I really am is sitting in the back of a darkened cathedral flooded with deep conviction.

The 3-day conference hosted at West Angeles Church-Cathedral sought to ask and answer the question, “What does it mean to love our city?”  That question alone raises several more questions: How do we start to see more communities of faith living missionally, improving the conditions of those living in the margins, and developing cross-cultural relationships with one another?  How do we integrate faith and work? How do we take into consideration the pervasive influence of culture on society?Photos: Henny Wong 

I stepped in Friday’s session as the focus shifted to what it looks like to show the love of Jesus in the messy, seedy, difficult, dingy spaces of our cities.  The conference was specifically for Los Angles, a city that massively influences American culture and beyond.  But the message translates to anyone living in a city with social challenges, which I would guess is nearly every major city in any part of the world.

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Why IF is for Her

photo (24)Sometimes it begins with the prayer of one woman and God turns “mustard seed faith” into a big number with a bunch of zeros.

The ripple effect of the IF:Gathering has been incredible as an estimated 2,000 women attended in Austin, TX, and about 60,000+ screens live-streamed the event to thousands of local gatherings of women.  The actual numbers become hard to track but let’s just go with hundreds of thousands.  It began two years ago with a dream intended for a group in Austin and grew into a weekend made available for living rooms, coffee shops, kitchens, churches, and theaters all over the world.
   photo (28)

IF:Chicago…my friends Deb and Patty actually live in this beautiful space.  I just pretend I do.

The IF:Gathering is more than a reoccurring event, it’s more than tallying numbers, it’s a movement which is what drew me to it in the first place.  The vision is to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose. Continue reading Why IF is for Her

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