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Treasure. Ponder. Rest.

This year my mom bought our family one of those kid-friendly manger scenes.  I’ve always wanted to get a special, grown-up manger scene but for now, the plastic cartoon people set just works for us.  I surprised the kids by having it out when they came home from school and my younger son yelled, “A God house! Did God bring us that?”

For some reason they were especially hung up on which animals didn’t make the cut.  My oldest is so skilled at asking very specific questions and you cannot get away with handing out average, generalized answers.

Him: Were there no birds around when Jesus was born?
Me: I don’t know, I think there were.
Him: But they didn’t come with this set.  And why aren’t there mice? There’s hay, mice live in the hay.
Me: Not sure.  Maybe they were too small and the toy makers thought they would get lost?  Or maybe the plastic molds didn’t have mouse or bird options…so…you know…
Him: What?

Me: Who wants a cookie?

Always good to quit while you’re ahead.

As the kids were busy integrating forgotten animals into the manger scene, I picked up Mary and stared at the figurine in my hand.  It almost seemed odd how predictable and normal her plastic painted smiling face was because the story of Mary is anything but predictable and normal.  There’s a lot to say about her and how God chose a young, unmarried virgin to carry out his plan to bring a Savior into the world.  Her story is one that, for me, embodies everything the Gospel is: unexpected.  This month I read through the She Reads Truth Advent study: Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.  For more on Mary check it out here at

I don’t know when this started happening but this Christmas season I realized I just can’t make it through the song “Mary Did You Know” without getting some degree of emotional.   The lyrics ask Mary if she knew all that Jesus would be and everything he would do: healing the sick, calming the storm, walking on water, ruling the nations.  It’s like the perfect soundtrack for a slideshow of His life.  While these may be the moments that highlight his power and authority, I can’t help but wonder if she thought about the pain that was ahead.  The weight that her baby would have to bear as a man.  That in the end, he would take upon himself the sin of the world.  Although she was told and believed him to be the Messiah, I wonder if Mary from the manger would even recognize the Mary standing at the cross.

The verse that always resonates in my mind when I think of her at the birth of Jesus is from Luke 2:19.

“‘And when they saw [the baby], they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child.  And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them.  But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

It doesn’t say, “Mary heard everything they were saying and tried to make sense of it.  She had a TON of questions.”

No.  She treasured and pondered.  I don’t think this means she bottled up her emotions and stuffed them away out of fear.  I think it means she trusted God enough to rest in that moment and not move to the next stage.  She took the moment to soak in all that had been said about her brand new baby.

like talking and verbally processing and if you don’t believe me ask my husband.  It takes great effort for me to discipline myself to consider and treasure and ponder without working through it.  One definition of pondering said, “to quietly reflect.”  Let’s just say that doesn’t come naturally to me.  

Before I start to show how very true this is, all that needs to be said is that I want to see more of Mary’s character in my own reflection.  More considering.  More humility. Less analyzing and breaking things down and mapping it out and more obedience and reverence to the God who calls me forward.  A quiet strength that doesn’t have all the answers in front of her but follows in faith because she believes God is who He says He is.   To know that whatever I can’t fully understand may not be revealed in my lifetime but to stay the course anyway.  To take one step forward even if all the steps after that are still unclear.  To rest in the joy of the moment even if trouble may be ahead.

This may not be a new revelation but in the character of Mary I am reminded to see the beauty and value of being reflective and still even in uncertainty.  To be present in the joy of that same Savior Mary held in her arms.


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What We Learn from the Trees

I’m sitting in a coffee shop where I will spend the next precious hour doing three things I love: drinking coffee, writing, and reading something beyond a 5-year-old level.  I am crazy about the 5-year-old parts of my life, as well as the 4-year-old and one-year-old parts…but this escape is filling in a different way.  I’m surrounded by grown ups dressed in nice outfits that don’t involve sweatpants and I’m here alone and it’s the best.  Mind you, my outfit involves sweatpants but whatever, no one cares.  I also carried my laptop and books here in my son’s bright blue preschool tote bag because I like to keep things official and fancy.  I do what I can.

Being a mom continues to be one of my greatest joys in life.  I love it all, even the messy, crazy parts.  I think one day a hundred years down the road I might even love the getting up at night parts- Nope. That’s actually a lie.  But I love it because I can see how it’s shaping me, how the challenges mixed with rewards are refining me and teaching me not only about my kids or myself but about God.  

This doesn’t mean I’m floating around my house on a cloud of peacefulness and patience all day.  All the real emotions are felt and, um, usually expressed on a daily basis.  Let’s just say when trying to corral everyone and their 4,000 accouterments to get out the door for school, peaceful and patient are as lost as my son’s missing shoe, as his favorite thing is to take them off on different levels of the house. Every. single. time.

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